Welcome to PWR Roanoke

Professional Women Resources is a business referral group focused on supporting and encouraging the professional development of working women.

For years, networking groups have used a male model of business. Recognizing that women create, maintain, and grow business uniquely, a core group of Roanoke’s most successful women created PWR.

Our meetings are structured, but also enlightening. Each member’s vibrant personality and varied experiences are embraced, which creates strong relationships built on a foundation of trust. Upon that solid foundation, PWR members exchange quality referrals, forge accountability relationships, and develop a powerful desire to help every member succeed.

Our theme for 2018 is supporting peak performance by the female professional in a safe environment through education, exchange,, and encouragement.

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2018 PWR Board of Directors

President: Bettina C. Altizer

Vice President: Rita Johnson

Treasurer: Kim White

Secretary: Vickie Pittard

Membership: Caroline Wallace

Speakers: Tammy Swader

Reservations: Denise Hayes