Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. The January meeting is held later in the month (date TBD—country clubs are closed the first two weeks of the year for maintenance.) The July meeting is a year-by-year determination (determined by the Board) as to whether or not it will be held.

Meetings start at 12 noon and end at 2 pm. If you arrive late or leave early, you will be on your honor to waive your commercial for that meeting.

Members who are regularly late or leave early will be given a warning. If such activity is not rectified, the member shall be given a second warning. Upon the second warning the member shall demonstrate in writing why she would like to remain a PWR member. If a third warning is necessary, the member’s membership is in jeopardy and her status shall be reviewed by the Board. The Board will consider pending applications, prior written excuses for being late or leaving early provided by the member, and the written demonstration from the member as to why she wishes to continue her membership.

During Commercials/Updates and Presentations, no talking please. Please be courteous and give your undivided quiet attention to the speakers.

During the meeting there will be no cell phone usage. Please turn off your cell phones. If there is an emergency, please excuse yourself from the meeting to attend to that emergent business.

Members will be charged for meeting cost and lunch if listed as a “no-show.” Each month, members receive an Evite via Reservations to RSVP to the monthly meeting. You must RSVP “yes” or “no” by the RESVP date specified. If you RSVP “yes” and do not show, you will receive an unexcused absence and will be charged for your lunch. If you fail to RSVP by the specified date, we will assume that you plan to attend the meeting, and you will be charged the fee for that meeting.



Missed Meetings

As a member, you are required to attend the monthly meetings.

You may miss two meetings in the calendar year (beginning in January and ending in December) without jeopardizing your membership. However, your membership is forfeited if you miss a third meeting.

If you inform the Board prior to the missed third meeting or within seven days after the third missed meeting as to why you will miss the meeting or have missed the meeting, and that reason constitutes extenuating circumstances, the Boar shall consider such reasons and at its discretion, the Board may continue the membership.

Leave of Absence

Members may request a leave of absence from PWR by submitting their request in writing to the Membership chair. Once your letter is received, the Board will vote on whether or not the leave of absence is approved. If approved, the member will receive a letter from the Membership chair explaining the terms of their leave of absence.

A leave of absence may last up to three consecutive months.



Attendance at socials counts towards absences.

For example, if a member misses two meetings, but attends two socials, the total number counted “missed” meetings is zero.

There are three (or four) socials per year. The social is hosted by a PWR member in good standing.

The PWR hostess provides the location. The PWR Treasury pays for the catering.

The cost of each social is $10 per member. The PWR Treasury funds the balance.

PWR RSVP rules apply. If you RSVP “yes” to the event, but do not show, you will be charged the full amount of the event.



Exclusivity is one of the main benefits of PWR. Once your application is approved, you are assigned a category that best fits your business. That is your exclusive category and as long as you are a member of PWR, no other member may represent any product or service that infringes upon your category.

If your business evolves and adds new products or services, you must inform the Board prior to advertising to the group. Simply submit your request to expand your category to the Board. Once received, the Board will determine whether or not your expansion overlaps a current member’s category.

  • Members are not permitted to provide information during the commercial or during the presentation that conflicts with another member’s business. Nor are members permitted to promote secondary businesses or organizations.
  • Examples of exclusivity violations include mentioning a non-member business or one’s own side business or personal interest that conflicts with another member’s category.

If you are in doubt as to whether an item that you want to share with the group conflicts with another member, bring it to the attention of one of the Board members BEFORE you mention it to the group. Do not share that item with the group until you receive approval to do so from the Board.

Get to know your group!

The best way to avoid stepping on another member’s toes is to get to know your group! By regularly attending meetings and paying close attention during commercials and presentations, you’ll quickly learn about each member’s specific category. Not only will this help you to be mindful of exclusivity, but you’ll also learn how to best refer business to that member.


Board Members

Board Meetings are held every month. The time, date, and place are determined by the current board.

The President shall prepare the agenda. Board members may email topics of discussion to the President to be added to the agenda for the monthly meeting.

If a board member misses three meetings in succession, that board member automatically forfeits her position of the board.

Elections of the board members are held annually. At the October meeting, the President collects nominations. Elections are held at the November meeting. The new Board members take over in January.

Incoming and outgoing Board members are honored at the annual Board dinner. Serving as a “thank-you” to the outgoing board and a “welcome” to the incoming board, an annual dinner is planned in December of each year as a time for both boards to come together exchange job responsibilities and enjoy dinner in a relaxed setting. The meal, including appetizers and desserts, plus non-alcoholic beverages are paid for by the PWR Treasury.

All Members Are Encouraged to be on the Board!

Being a part of the PWR Board is a rewarding experience. Not only do you learn about the inner-workings of the group, but you become a part of the decision-making process that provides a welcoming forum for professional women each and every month. You also form strong bonds with your fellow Board members which results in deeper friendships and stronger networking opportunities.